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We are currently looking for promising specialists who would like to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge of psychology as well as to work with real professionals and learn something new.

4 Reasons to Work with Us


Mental Health offers amazing possibilities to every psychologist who decides to work with us. It doesn’t matter whether you specialize in general psychological consulting or in some particular area, we hope you will find it useful to cooperate with us.


We are a team of experts


Mental Health is an independent organization providing psychological services for children and families as well as personal consultations. Our team is committed to delivering quality psychological services to all members of our society.


Our company provides independent assesment, therapy, training, consultancy and specialist assistance as required; with adults and children.


We also offer counselors, psychologists and therapists who are committed to providing high-quality independent services. All practitioners working for Mental Health undergo a rigorous selection procedure and are APA registered psychologis


We are eliminating problems


Our company was initially designed to help local citizens deal with their daily problems and conflicts. We haven’t only gathered a team of real experts, we are also assisting our clients in recovering from various traumas including emotional and physical ones.


The daily activity of Mental Health departments includes dealing with marital and family problems, illness or injury, loss of a loved one, anxiety etc.


Whatever the problems of our clients are, they can rely on our licensed psychologists. Together, in a confidential and supportive atmosphere, we work with real people to understand and resolve problems that, until now, may have resisted their best efforts.


We understand human nature


It is necessary for every psychologist to be able to understand what his/her client requires. Our team members are constantly improving themselves.


After becoming a part of Mental Health team, psychologists interview their clients about the history of any problems or discomfort they may have, talk with them to define problems and determine the treatment approach that suits their needs.


We may recommend psychotherapy, which is a talking intervention that helps both our psychologist and client learn more about effectively dealing with problems. For some people, treatment involves only a short term of therapy, but an extended therapy course might also be helpful.


We are the leaders


Mental Health is an acknowledged leader in the industry of psychological services, and this title is confirmed by dozens of awards that we have received from American Psychological Association and other competent organizations.


In 2013, we received a important award from the “Psychological Europe” magazine that helped us in establishment of two new offices.


We are now looking forward to cooperate with young psychologists and graduates of American and European universities who would like to extend their professional experience by working with Mental Health. Improve your practical knowledge of contemporary psychology with us!

Your Career Starts Here


Feel free to browse through this list of positions available at Mental Health or send you resume to info@demolink.org

Senior Job Position 

  New York       Full Time       March 9, 2016

Junior Job Position  

  New York       Full Time       March 12, 2016

Senior Job Position 2

  New York       Full Time       March 15, 2016

Middle Job Position 

  New York       Full Time       March 10, 2016

Junior Job Position 2

  New York       Full Time       March 17, 2016

Middle Job Position 2 

  New York       Full Time       March 21, 2016