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About Our Company


We help people recover from various mental illnesses since 2001.

Samantha Emberson

CEO “Mental Health”

Shortly About Our Founder


As a psychologist and a cognitive behavioral therapist, I have worked with hundreds of patients and understand the intricacies of various psychological issues that people face.


My work revolves around being friendly, disciplined and organized yet flexible. I approach my patients and help them resolve their emotional issues of the past and the present, to open the door to a brighter and confident future.

  • Culture, Faith and Spiritual Care;
  • Highly Competent Professionals;
  • Lots of Positive Reviews;
  • Practising Since 2001;
  • Affordable Prices;
  • Good Experience in the NHS;


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What People Say


Thank you for helping my daughter to go through adolescence and to recover from the unsuccessful attempts to find friends. Thanks to the therapeutic support we now trust and support each other. She has friends and they have a very good relationship.





I went to Mental Health because of my shyness and social anxiety. My sessions were useful as I could talk about things that I couldn't discuss with family or friends. It was helpful to have someone I could practise talking and expressing myself with.





Samantha helped me through a difficult period, enabling me to work through the intricacies of my emotions so that I was able to get my life back on track. I have never been to see a counsellor previously but will definitely return to amantha if I feel the need in the future.




Our Team

Jane Smith

Professional Psychologist

Samantha Emberson

CEO “Mental Health”

Amanda Norton

Family Expert

Ryan Mason

Professional Psychologist